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torj* ag|pa|ess|gen > fac dis tg
nbsp; Latin -tor- + -ium > -torium

Denotes where the action indicated by the verb takes place.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
akwotorj* fac dis tg Aquarium.
bovatoritorj* gen fac dis tg Slaughterhouse, butcher.
ditorj* ab dat fac Dative facility; distribution center.
farmakoritorj* act fac dis tg Pharmacy. Dispensary of medicine. Medicine
genitorj* fac dis tg Factory.
kakitorj* act fac dis tg Restroom. Facility for excretion. Excretion
kahwitorj* dis tg Cafe, coffee shop.
kokwitorj* fac dis tg Facility for cooking; kitchen.
latritorj* fac dis tg Facility of worship. A place where a god or deity is worshiped expressly through prayer, the reading of scriptures or sacred rituals. Temple
torjosk* dis tg Individual room or unit within a facility; cell.
natorj* fac dis tg Swimming pool.
celitorj* fac dis tg Cellar, cell, closet.

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