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Mind, understanding, reason, thinking principle; rationality; cogitative -, cognitive -, discursive -, reasoning -, intellectual- faculties; faculties, senses, consciousness, observation, percipience or percipiency, apperception, mentality, intelligence, intellection [obs.], intuition, association of ideas, instinct, conception, judgment, wits, parts, capacity, intellectuality, genius; brains, cognitive -, intellectual- powers; wit [See Intelligence. Wisdom]; ability (skill) [See Skill]; wisdom [See Intelligence. Wisdom]; Vernunft [Ger.], Verstand [Ger.].

Alb. tangë/tângë, Eng. þencan/think, Gm. thenken/denken, Lat. tongēo, Oscan tanginúd, ON þekkja, Toch. tuṅk/taṅkw, Goth. þangkjan, Welsh tank, Ir. di-thech/; for-tach/; fortoing/

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