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tarif* dis itg
nbsp; Semitic ʕrp > Arabic taʕrīf

Sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which something is bought, sold, or offered for sale.

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Cost, expense, prime cost, charge, figure, demand, damage [colloq.], fare, hire; wages (remuneration) [See Reward].

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Possessive and Monetary Relations

Possessive Relations
Monetary Relations

monet* Money.
tarif* Price.
teler* Tax, toll, dues.
pekw* Wealth.


tarif* Price

teler* Dues (Money demanded by a government or other entity for its support or for specific facilities or services).
prec* Value (Greatness or economy of price).

* Discount (reduction in price)
* Rebate (portion of price to be returned as incentive for purchase)
* Dearness (greatness of price)
* Cheapness (smallness of price)

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