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1. refl pn
2. abs ess sta
nbsp; IE *s(w)e-

1. Self, oneself. Reflexive base.
2. Of one's own, on one's own, hence apart, separate.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
swark* act m itg Self-rule, self-governance. Authority
swir* masc refl pn Himself.
swihon* m itg Self-esteem, self-respect.
swikrit* refl act m itg Self-evaluation, self-criticism.
swiƟ* fem refl pn Herself.
swivj* Of itself, by itself.
swod* dat ac To put oneself into something else, infest.
swovor* dis tg Something that eats itself; ouroboros. Eating

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