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1. ab abs ess sta
2. const abs ess sta
nbsp; 1. IE *stā-
2. Greek -istos

1. Still, constant, stopped; to stay, remain, stand.
2. To stand for, promote or adhere to a principle or doctrine derived from sm*.
1. If modifying an event base, means the event has stopped and was but is no longer taking place.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
-ist* class:sta See root base. None.
komist* To stand together.
komistar* col Literally a group of people who stand together, hence a political state.
nistum* tg Astatine. Chemical Elements
rastafarist* sta Rastafarian.
salamist* abs ess sta Muslim.
stitr* g loc Place of standing, stead.

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