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Spectator, beholder, looker-on, onlooker, assistant [F.], viewer, gazer, witness.
Witness, eye-witness, bystander, passer-by; rubbernecker.
Spy (secretive observer), scout.
Sentinel (observer for warning). Sentry; watch, watchman; watch and ward; watchdog, bandog, house dog; patrol, vedette, picket, bivouac, scout, spy, spial [obs.]; advanced -, rear-guard; lookout, flagman.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
spekard* inst dis tg Grandstand. Instrument for the organization of spectators. Grandstand
speki* act m itg Viewing, observation, examination.
spektab* rel ess sta m itg Observability.
spektr* loc Observation venue. Vision

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