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act m itg
nbsp; IE *teuə- > *twə-wo- > Greek sōtēr-


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Safe-keeping; conservation (storage) [See Store]; maintenance, support, sustentation [rare], conservatism; economy.
[MEANS OF PRESERVATION] prophylaxis; preserver, preservative; hygiastics, hygiantics [both rare]; hygiene, hygienics; cover, drugget; cordon sanitaire [F.]; ensilage; dehydration, anhydration, evaporation; drying, putting up, canning, pickling; tinned goods [chiefly Brit.], canned goods; kyanization.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
soterent* m tg Creosote.
soterod* dat ag To preserve by adding a preservative.

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