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nbsp; Latin sordes

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Parcity; parsimoniousness, stinginess &c. adj.; stint; illiberality, avarice, tenacity, avidity; rapacity, extortion, malversation, venality, cupidity; lack of prodigality [See Prodigality]; selfishness [See Selfishness]; auri sacra fames [L.]; cheeseparings and candle ends.

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Monetary Policy

Policy or practice with regards to giving or payment.

* Liberality (generous or charitable)
* Economy (responsible or tight)
* Prodigality (profuse, extravagant or wasteful policy)
sord* Parsimony (tight)


Generosity, munificence; bounty, bounteousness, bountifulness; hospitableness, hospitality; charity (beneficence) [See Benevolence]; open -, free- hand; open -, large-, free- heart; enough and to spare.
CHEERFUL GIVER, free giver, patron; benefactor [See Benefactor].

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
sordos* ess Essive of parsimony. Parsimony

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