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sniq* tg
nbsp; IE *sneygʷʰ-

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Lith. sniegas, Ltv. sniegs, Old Prussian snaygis, Russ. снег (sneg), Ir. snechta/sneachta, Skr. स्नेह (sneha), Eng. snāw/snow, Gk. νίφα (nipha), Gm. sneo/Schnee, ON snjór, Goth. snaiws, Polish śnieg, Welsh nyf, Av. snaēža, Toch. /śiñcatstse

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
sniqe* abs phys sta Made of snow. Water
sniqid* spec chrom Snow.
sniqor* gen act To emit snow. Snow
sniqanj* spec loc dis tg Nevada. United States
sniqosk* dis tg Snowflake. Any size. Snow

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