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skem* dis itg
nbsp; IE *sgh- > Greek skhēma

Intention codified.

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Plan synonyms

Scheme, design, project, proposal, proposition, suggestion; resolution, motion; precaution (provision) [See Preparation]; deep-laid (premeditated) [See Predetermination]- plan &c.; germ (cause) [See Cause].
forecast, program or programme, prospectus; card; bill, protocol; platform, plank, slate [U. S.], ticket [U. S.].
SYSTEM (order) [See Order]; organization (arrangement) [See Arrangement].
OUTLINE, sketch, skeleton, draft or draught, ébauché [F.], brouillon [F.]; rough -cast, - draft or draught, - copy; copy; proof, revise.
CONTRIVANCE, invention, expedient, receipt, nostrum, artifice, device; pipelaying [U. S.]; stratagem (cunning) [See Cunning]; trick (deception) [See Deception]; alternative, loop-hole; shift (substitute) [See Substitution]; last shift (necessity) [See Necessity].
MEASURE, step; stroke; masterstroke; trump, trump card, courtcard.
SCHEMER, schemist [rare], schematist [obs.]; strategist, machinator; conspirator; intrigant (cunning) [See Cunning].
PROJECTOR, promoter, designer &c. v.; organizer, founder (fem. foundress), author, artist, builder.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
skemekt* dis tg Diagram or listing of a scheme or plan.
skemew* abe sta m itg Lack of plan. Plan
skemiq* act To execute a plan or schedule. Plan
skemod* dat tr To plan, schedule. Plan

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