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sal* m tg
nbsp; IE *seh₂l-

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French sel, Welsh halen, Old Irish salann, Latin sal, Russian соль (sol'), Ancient Greek ἅλς (háls), Albanian ngjelmë (“salty, savory”), Old Armenian աղ (ał), Tocharian A sāle, Sanskrit सलिल (salila)

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Cayenne, cinnamon, nutmeg, curry, sauce, spice, relish, sauce piquante [F.], sauce tartare [F.], caviare, pot herbs, pickle; achar [Hind.], allspice, appetizer; horse-radish, capsicum, chutney, tabasco sauce or tabasco; cubeb, pimento.

alj* Garlic.
sinap* Mustard.
kapj* Onion.
pipr* Pepper.
sel* Salt.

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