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qram* dis itg
nbsp; IE *gerb╩░- > Greek gramma

Document, statement, declaration, note, letter, program, -gram, specification, protocol.Refers to the content of the document rather than its physical medium.

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qram* Description. Account, statement, report; specification, particulars.

qramos* Essive of having.
qramod* Dative agent: To describe.
qramend* Dative patient: To be described (by).

Brief (abstract) [See Compendium]; return (record) [See Record]; catalogue raisonn├ę [F.] (list) [See List]; guidebook (information) [See Information].
Sketch, pastel, vignette, monograph.
Narration, recital, rehearsal, relation.
Narrative, history; memoir, memorials; annals (chronicle) [See Record]; saga; tradition, legend, story, tale, historiette; personal narrative, journal, letters, biography, autobiography, life; obituary, necrology; adventures, fortunes, experiences, confessions; anecdote, ana.

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