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Group for the sake of a purpose: association, organization, society, party.

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qr* Assemblage (Roget)
qroq* Executive To use/wield assemblage.
qror* Generative To produce assemblage.
qros* Essive of having.
qrod* Dative agent To assemble.
qrend* Dative patient To receive assemblage (from).
qrew* Abessive. Lack or absence of assemblage.
qremp* Ablative agent To take assemblage (from), scatter.
qrolv* Ablative patient To lose assemblage (to/by).
qraq* Means
qrm* Result
qrajat* Indication
qrtr* Domain/Scope


qrek* Collection Formal assemblage.
dhokl* Aggregation Informal assemblage.
* Community Assemblage of similar entities.
qlom* Conglomerate Assemblage of dissimilar entities.
* Permanent assemblage.
* Impermanent or temporary assemblage.
* Orderly assemblage.
* Crowd Disorderly assemblage.

qr* usage

When modifying a noun as -oqr*, refers to a group of the noun. When modifying a noun as -iqr*, refers to a group of people associated with the concept represented by the modified base.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
∂ornoqr* col tg Flock of birds. Aves
-iqr* col A group of members whose commonality is the modified base. None.
leoqr* bio col dis tg Pride of lions.
leoqr* col Pride of lions.
lupoqr* bio col dis tg Pack of wolves.
piskoqr* col School of fish.
politiqr* col Political party.
qrod* abs dat tr To put into a group.
qrend* abs dat pa To be added to a group (by). Assemblage
raziqr* col The members of a race or lineage.

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