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unb pos rel m itg
nbsp; Latin gaudēre

Cheer, joy, fun, merriment, glee, excitement.

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Cheer synonyms

Cheerfulness, geniality, gayety, L’Allegro [It.], cheer, good humor, spirits; glee, high glee, light heart.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
qawdiß* fem Joy.
qawdew* abe sta m itg Joylessness, sadness.
qawdos* rel ess Having cheer. Cheer
qawdor* gen act To have fun, be joyous, be merry. Cheer
qawdm* res dis tg Smile.
qawdmor* gen act To smile.
qawdosk* dis tg Face of cheerfulness.

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