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qabal* act dis itg
nbsp; Semitic qbl

Intrigue, cabal, plot, conspiracy.

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Hill/Mountain synonyms

HEIGHT, mount, mountain; hill, alto [Sp.], butte [U. S.], monticule, monticle [obs.], fell [obs. exc. in proper names], knap; cape; headland, foreland; promontory; ridge, hogback or hog’s-back, dune, rising -, vantage- ground; down; moor, moorland; Alp; uplands, highlands; heights &c. (summit) [See Height]; knob, loma [U. S.], pena [U. S.], picacho [Sp.], tump [dial.]; knoll, hummock, hillock, barrow, mound; steeps, bluff, cliff, craig [Scot.], tor, peak, pike [dial.], clough [obs.]; escarpment, edge, ledge, brae [Scot. & dial. Eng.]; dizzy height.

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