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q* act tg
nbsp; IE *ag-

(v) To act, take action; to drive, pilot, use an instrument.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
aþliq* act tg Athlete. Athlete
gihadoq* ag dis Mujahideen. Religious Affections
islamiq* act dis tg Muslim. Specific Religions
joqiq* itr To play (a game, a role).
kabaloq* ag dis tg Horseman, knight, caballero, cavalier.
kratoq* act dis tg Executive of authority. Authority
linqwoq* itr To use (a) language.
litoq* ag Lawyer. Lawyer
mantoq* ag To divine, conjure. Sorceror
navoq* act dis tg Sailor.
partiq* ind num A number between 0 exclusive and 10 exclusive.
paskorjiq* ag Restaurateur.
pesoq* ag To masturbate.
politiq* ag Politician.
skemiq* act To execute a plan or schedule. Plan
skoliq* ag Faculty member of a school.

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