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const (bio) dis tg
nbsp; IE *pet- > *ptē-

An animal (not necessarily an insect) that is characterized by its wings.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
dermopt* bio dis tg Order Dermaptera. Earwig. Dermaptera
dwipt* (bio) dis tg Animal with two wings. Diptera
helikipt* inst Helicopter.
lepidipt* bio dis tg Order Lepidoptera. Moth, butterfly. Lepidoptera
manipt* bio dis tg Order Chiroptera. Bat.
memsopt* bio dis tg Order Hymenoptera. Sawfly, wasp, bee, ant. Hymenoptera
nipt* (bio) dis tg Wingless animal. Particularly a species of a taxon that normally or commonly has wings, such as insects.
rekipt* bio dis tg Order Orthoptera. Orthoptera

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