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act m itg
nbsp; Latin prim-

Pressure, pressing, impression.
Force applied over an area.

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Pressure synonyms

PRESSURE, electromotive force, high pressure; conductivity; elasticity; gravity, electricity, magnetism, magneto-electricity, galvanism, voltaic electricity, voltaism, electromagnetism, electrostatics, electrokinetics, electrodynamics; electromotion, electrification; magnetization, galvanization; attraction, pull; vis inertiœ [L.], vis mortua [L.], vis viva [L.]; potential -, dynamic- energy; friction, suction; live- circuit, - rail, - wire; volt, voltage.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
primemp* abl ac To relieve pressure (from).
primend* dat pa To receive pressure, be under pressure.
primæt* dis itg Pressing, impression.
primif* neg rel cau tr To compress, shorten, collapse. Compression
primod* dat ac To press, apply force over an area.
primolv* abl pa To be relieved of pressure (by).
primun* meas One pascal (one newton per square meter).

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