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const poss abs ess sta
nbsp; IE *per-

To belong to, for.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ark├Žopr* ind ess sta Belonging to the distant past, hc ancient, archaic.
baptoprent* tg Dip; baptism water.
humopr* abs ess sta "Belonging to the dirt."
-ipr* abs sta See root base. None.
juropr* abs ess sta Forensic. jur*
klemopr* rel Forgiveable. Pity
lopr* poss abs ess sta Belonging to a fourth party.
uroprekt* spec dis tg Urethra. Zoological Organization
venjopr* abs ess sta Forgivable, excusable, venial.
vulnopr* rel ess Vulnerable, capable of being wounded.

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