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rel m itg
nbsp; IE *pĆ³tis

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Potency, potentiality; puissance, might, force; dint; right hand, right arm; ascendancy, sway, control; prepotency, prepollence or prepollency [rare]; almightiness, omnipotence; predominance.

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Details and Notes

Social Terms

krat* Authority, government, rule.
kulp* Blame, fault, guilt.
bel* Conflict, war.
tarif* Fee.
qowr* Fear.
jur* Law.
popl* People.
pot* Power.
reg* Ruler.
fort* Strength.
tewt* Tribe.
siq* Victory.

kapar* Village.

Possessive and Monetary Relations

Possessive Relations
Monetary Relations

monet* Money.
tarif* Price.
teler* Tax, toll, dues.
pekw* Wealth.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
potemp* abl ac To remove power (from), render impotent.
potend* dat pa To take or be given power (from/by).
potew* abe sta m itg Impotence. Lack of power. Impotence
potos* rel ess Powerful. Power
potod* rel dat ac To give power (to), empower.
potolv* abl pa To lose power (by/due to), become impotent (by/due to). Impotence

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