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(v) Suitable for drinking.
(n) Drink, beverage, potion.

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DRINK, beverage, liquor, broth, soup; potion, dram, draft or draught, drench, swill [slang]; nip, sip, sup, gulp.
[BEVERAGES] wine, spirits, liqueur, beer, ale, malt liquor, (Sir) John Barleycorn, stingo [old slang], heavy wet [slang, Eng.]; grog, toddy, flip, purl, punch, negus, cup, bishop, wassail; hooch [slang, U. S.], whisky or whiskey, the creature [humorous]; gin &c. ; coffee, chocolate, cocoa, tea; Brazil tea, cider, claret, ice water, maté, mint julep [U. S.].

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