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To try, attempt, risk, take a risk, engage in an activity with unknown or potentially negative results, experiment.
Direct object is an action or event.

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EXPERIMENT; essay (attempt) [See Essay]; analysis (investigation) [See Inquiry]; docimasy, trial, tentative method, t√Ętonnement [F.].
VERIFICATION, probation, experimentum crucis [L.], proof, criterion, diagnostic, test, crucial test; assay, ordeal.
REAGENT, crucible, check, touchstone, pyx or pix [Brit. mint], curcuma paper, turmeric paper.
EMPIRICISM, rule of thumb.
FEELER; pilot -, messenger- balloon; pilot engine; scout; straw to show the wind.
SPECULATION, random shot, leap in the dark.
EXPERIMENTER, experimentist, experimentalist, assayer, analyst, analyzer; prospecter or prospector, adventurer; speculator, gambler, stock gambler, plunger [slang].

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