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penor* unb rel gen act
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Cause of pain.

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Infestation synonyms

Molestation; malignity (malevolence).
penor* Cause of pain.

penor* synonyms

Trial, affliction, infliction; cross, blow, stroke, burden, load, curse.
ANNOYANCE, grievance, nuisance, vexation, mortification, sickener [rare], worry, bore, bother, pother, hot water, “sea of troubles” [Hamlet], hornet’s nest, plague, pest.
Wound, sore subject, cancer, ulcer, sting, thorn; canker (bane) [See Bane]; scorpion (evildoer) [See Evildoer]; dagger (arms) [See Arms]; scourge &c. (instrument of punishment) [See Scourge]; carking care [archaic], canker worm of care.
mishap, misfortune (adversity) [See Adversity]; désagrément [F.], esclandre [F.], rub.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
penorœk* fac dis tg Facility of punishment, penitentiary.

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