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Elaboration; ripening &c. v.; maturation, evolution; perfection; concoction, digestion; gestation, hatching, incubation, sitting.

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Preparation synonyms

anticipation (foresight) [See Foresight]; precaution, preconcertedness, preconcertion, predisposition; forecast (plan) [See Plan]; rehearsal, note of preparation; dissemination, propaganda.\n groundwork, first stone, cradle, stepping-stone; foundation, first rung, scaffold (support) [See Support]; scaffolding, échafaudage [F.].\nPrecaution (care, future), preconcertedness, preconcertion, predisposition.\n [PUTTING IN ORDER] arrangement [See Arrangement]; clearance; adjustment [See Agreement]; tuning; equipment, outfit, accouterment or accoutrement, armament, array.\n [PREPARATION OF MEN] training (education) [See Teaching]; inurement (habit) [See Habit]; novitiate.\n [PREPARATION OF FOOD] cooking, cookery, culinary art; brewing.\n [PREPARATION OF THE SOIL] tilling, plowing or ploughing, sowing, semination, cultivation.\n [STATE OF BEING PREPARED] preparedness, readiness, ripeness, mellowness; maturity; un impromptu fait à loisir [F.].\n

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parod* dat ag Preparer.

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