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pand* incr act m itg
nbsp; IE *pet- > *pat-no- > Latin pandere

Expansion, stretching, spreading.
Particularly over an area or through a volume.

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Opposite of Contraction.

Dilation, expansibleness; increase -of size; enlargement, extension, augmentation; amplification, ampliation; aggrandizement, spread, increment, growth, development, pullulation [rare], swell, dilatation, rarefaction; turgescence or turgescency, turgidness, turgidity; dispansion [obs.]; obesity (size) [See Size]; hydrocephalus, hydrophthalmus; dropsy, tumefaction, intumescence, swelling, tumor, diastole, distension; puffing, puffiness; inflation; pandiculation.

Size Correlation

Negative Positive
Base xx* Littleness (abe) xx* Bigness (ess)
Change wan* Contraction (decr) pand* Expansion (incr)

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
pandm* tg Effect of stretching, stretch marks.
pandos* rel incr ess Expanded.
perpand* incr act m itg Expansion through something.
repand* incr act m itg Expansion back after having contracted. Particularly over an area or through a volume. Expansion
trapand* incr act m itg Expansion of something (d obj) across something (ind obj). Expansion

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