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pa* ess sta
nbsp; IE *peh₂-
Pan.Greek god of nature, the wild, shepherds, flocks, goats.

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Greek Mythology


jov* Zeus (supreme male).
junoriß* Hera (supreme female)

martir* Ares (war).
marafran* Aphrodite (love and beauty)
artem* Artemis (moon, hunting)
aþen* Athena (wisdom).
meter* Demeter (fruitfulness)
nysens* Dionysos (wine, revelry, fertility, dance).
erotir* Eros (love)
qæ* Gæa / Ge (earth) (mother of the Titans).
sawelir* Helios (sun).
herm* Hermes (messenger).
apætj* Hephaistos (fire, metallurgy, volcanos).
estjiß* Hestia (the hearth).
kronir* Kronos (time).
owran* Ouranos, Uranus (sky).
pa* Pan (flocks, herds, forests, wild life).
presw* Persephone (underworld female).
hædir* Pluton, Hades (underworld male).
akwald* Poseidon (ocean).


rjiß* Rhea / Cybele (“mother of the gods,” identified with Ops, wife of Saturn).

Semele (mother of Dionysius).

Pan, Faunus

God of the forest.
pa* Pan (Greek).
fawn* Faunus (Roman).

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