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nbsp; IE *h₃ews-

To listen to.

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To hear. Ancient Greek ous, Sanskrit usi, Russian уши (úši), Gothic auso, Lithuanian ausis, Latvian auss, Gaulish ausia-, Latin auris, Albanian vesh, German ōra/Ohr, Old Church Slavonic ucho, Irish au/, Avestan usi, Persian gaušā/guš, Kurdish guh/goh, English éare/ear, Old Norse eyra, Old Armenian ունկն (unkn), ականջ (akanǰ), Old Prussian āusins, Pashto ghwaž/ghwag, Ormuri goi

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Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
osab* unb rel m itg Ability to hear, hearing. Hearing
osabew* abe sta m itg Deafness. Deafness
osaq* inst dis tg 1. Ear.
2. Stethoscope.
Zoological Anatomy
osar* col Audience.
osæt* dis itg Hearing.

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