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Ornamentation, ornamental art; ornature, ornateness, ornation, adornment, decoration, embellishment; architecture.
(Onamentation) Pattern, diaper, powdering, paneling, graining, inlaid work, pargeting; detail; texture [See Texture]; richness; tracery, molding or moulding, fillet, listel, strapwork, coquillage [F.], flourish, fleur-de-lis [F.], arabesque, fret, anthemion; egg and -tongue, - dart; astragal, zigzag, acanthus, cartouche; pilaster (projection) [See Convexity]; bead, beading; frostwork, tooling; Moresque, Morisco.
embroidery, broidery [archaic], needlework, brocade, brocatel or brocatelle, bugles, beads, galloon, lace, fringe, border, insertion, motif [F.], edging, trimming; trappings; drapery, overdrapery, hanging, tapestry, arras; millinery, ermine; drap d’or [F.].
wreath, festoon, garland, chaplet, flower, nosegay, bouquet, posy [archaic or colloq.].
tassel, knot; shoulder knot, epaulet or epaulette, aglet or aiglet, aigulet [rare], frog; star, rosette, bow; feather, plume, panache, aigret or aigrette; fillet, snood.
illustration, illumination, vignette; fleuron [F.]; headpiece, tailpiece, cul-de-lampe [F.].
(Liquid ornament applied to a surface) Garnish, polish, varnish, French polish, gilding, japanning, lacquer, ormolu, enamel; champlevé ware, cloisonné ware; cosmetics.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ornew* pos rel abe sta m itg Lack of decoration. Simplicity
ornob* pos rel ess Having ornament. Ornament
ornod* rel dat tr To decorate. Ornament

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