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nt* const abs ess sta
nbsp; IE *ant-

Against, opposing, fighting.

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Common Verbs

Meaning Verbal Transitive Modifier
To become. fj* v* (pa)
To come, move. * *
To counter, oppose, fight. kontr* nt* (sta)
To do. prak* (+ act) *
To lack, be without. dew* -ew*(sta)
To face. ant* -ant* (itr)
To give. don* d* (ac)
To have. hab* -os* (ess)
To lose. * lv* (pa)
To receive. * -end* (pa)
To take. * -emp* (ac)
To turn. vert* rt* (itr)

kontr* vs. nt*

kontr* Stand-alone.
nt* Noun modifier.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
acontent* act m itg Antacid. Matter
belont* abs ess sta Opposing fighting, opposing war.
judintism* id Anti-Semitism.
juront* abs ess sta Against the law, illegal.
ntent* const abs m tg Substance that is intended to oppose or counteract something.
somnint* itr To prevent someone from falling asleep.

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