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not* Action base.
notos* Essive.
notor* Generative.
notod* Dative agent.
notend* Dative patient.
notew* Abessive.
notemp* Ablative agent.
notolv* Ablative patient.
notaq* Means.
notm* Result.

vok* Call (indication via sound).
gest* Gesture (indication via body language).

INDICATION; symbolism; symbolization; symptomatology, semeiology or semiology, semeiotics or semiotics, pathognomy.
MEANS OF RECOGNITION; lineament, feature, trait, trick, earmark, characteristic, diagnostic; divining rod; cloven hoof; footfall.
[MAP DRAWING] hachure, contour line; isobar, isopiestic line, isobaric line; isotherm, isothermal line; latitude, longitude, meridian, equator.
[FOR IDENTIFICATION] badge, criterion; countercheck, countermark, countersign, counterfoil, stub, duplicate, tally; label, ticket, billet, letter, counter, check, chip, chop [Oriental], dib [slang]; broad arrow; government mark; totem; tessera, card, bill; witness, voucher; stamp; cachet [F.]; trade -, hall- mark; signature; address -, visiting- card; carte de visite [F.]; credentials (evidence) [See Evidence]; attestation; hand, handwriting, sign manual; cipher; monogram; seal, sigil, signet; autograph, autography; finger print; paraph, brand; superscription; indorsement or endorsement; title, heading, docket; tonsure, scalp lock; mortar board [colloq.], cap and gown, hood; caste mark; mot de passe [F.], mot du guet [F.]; passeparole or passparole [obs.], shibboleth; watchword, catchword, password; sign, countersign, pass, dueguard, grip; open-sesame; timbrology [rare].
[OF LOCALITY] beacon, beacon fire, cresset, cairn, post, staff, flagstaff, hand, pointer, vane, cock, weathercock, weathervane; guide-, hand-, finger-, directing-, sign- post; pillars of Hercules, pharos; balefire, signal fire; landmark, seamark; lighthouse, balize [rare], lodestar or loadstar; cynosure, guide; address, direction, name; sign, signboard.
[OF THE FUTURE] warning [See Warning]; omen [See Omen]; prefigurement [See Prediction].
[OF THE PAST] trace, record [See Record].
[OF DANGER] warning [See Warning]; fire alarm, burglar alarm; alarm [See Alarm].
[OF AUTHORITY] scepter [See Scepter].
[OF TRIUMPH] trophy [See Trophy].
[OF QUANTITY] gauge [See Measurement].
[OF DISTANCE] milestone, milepost; mileage ticket; milliary [Rom. antiq.].
[OF DISGRACE] brand, fool’s cap, mark of Cain, stigma, stripes, broad arrow.
[FOR DETECTION] check, time clock, telltale; test (experiment) [See Experiment].
CALL, word of command; bell, alarum, cry; reveille, taps [Brit.], last post [U. S.]; pibroch, keen [Ir.], coronach [Scot. & Ir.], dirge.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ækwinot* dis tg The equals sign. Glyphs
astrinot* dis tg Asterisk. Glyphs
notm* res tg Mark. Mark

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