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nbsp; IE *ǵneh₃- > Latin norma

Standard of conformity.

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Pattern, template, norm, standard, law.
Regularity, uniformity, constancy, clockwork precision; punctuality (exactness) [See Truth]; even tenor, rut; system; routine (custom) [See Habit]; formula; canon, convention, maxim, rule &c. (form, regulation) [See Precept]; keynote, standard, model; precedent (prototype) [See Prototype].

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Law & Order

jur* Law.
norm* Rule.
fatw* Rule by legal decree. Legal opinion, legal ruling, fatwa, executive order.

jural* Legality (conformity with the law).

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
normal* rel sta Conforming to norms, normal, usual. Normality
normos* abs ess sta Having a standard, having a norm, standardized.
normod* abs dat ac To standardize, normalize. Normality

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