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nokt* m itg
nbsp; IE *nókʷts

Darkness, night, nighttime.

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Darkness synonyms

DARKNESS &c. adj.; tenebrosity, umbrageousness, dunness [rare], caliginousness, lightlessness, sootiness; blackness (dark color) [See Blackness]; obscurity, gloom, murk or mirk, murkiness or mirkiness, darksomeness; dusk (dimness) [See Dimness].
night; midnight;
OBSCURATION; obumbration [rare]; obtenebration [rare], offuscation [obs.], caligation [obs.], adumbration; extinction; eclipse, total eclipse; gathering of the clouds.
SHADING; distribution of shade; chiar-oscuro [It.] (light) [See Light].

Parts of the Day

e* Dawn, sunrise, daybreak.
morqen*, ajr* Morning.
* Midday, noon.
* Afternoon.
dusk* Dusk, sunset, sundown.
nokt* Evening, night.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
noktob* abs dat sta During the night.
noktobaw+ abs dat During the night.

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