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Modifiers indicating Orientation and Motion

j* Motion or change of an individual on its own.
-erq* Motion or change of an agent with respect to a patient.
-ert* (verb; ess sta) Orientation.
rt* (verb; cau act m itg) Change in orientation.

Application with Cardinal Directions

Root Locative (-tr*) Motion (j*) Turning (rt*) Facing (-ert*)
ner* North. nertr* "the north" neroj* "go north" nerort* "turn north" nerert*
wesper* West. wespertr* "the west" wesperoj* "go west" wesperort* "turn west" wesperert*
aws* East. awstr* "the east" awsoj* "go east" awsort* "turn east" awsert*
swen* South. swentr* "the south" swenoj* "go south" swenort* "turn south" swenert*
sinis* Sinister, left. sinistr* "the left" sinisoj* "go left" sinisort* "turn left" sinisert*
deks* Dexter, right. dekstr* "the right" deksoj* "go right" deksort* "turn right" deksert*
jamin* Clockwise. jaminoj* "rotate clockwise" jaminort* "turn clockwise"
læv* Counterclockwise. lævoj* "rotate counterclockwise" lævort* "turn counterclockwise"
Roll (same bases as Rotation)
jamin* Forward. jaminoj* "roll forward"
læv* Backward. lævoj* "roll backward"

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
moneranj* loc dis tg North pole. Geographic Taxonomy
monerezer* spec loc dis tg Arctic Ocean. Geographic Taxonomy
nerens* ind eth ess sta Northerner.
nerert* (abs sta) Facing north. Special Centrical Dimensions
nerihamorekanj* spec loc dis tg North America. North America
nerirt* itr To turn to the north. North
neroj* all act m itg Motion to(wards) the north. Motion with reference to Direction

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