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1. ab
2. num
nbsp; IE *n̥-

1. Not. General negator.
2. Zero.

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n* usage

n* does not form antonyms. For example, nisempr* means "not always," not "never.". See ne+.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
naps* bio dis tg Subclass Anapsida. Amniotes whose skulls do not have openings near the temples. Anapsida
nekt* pn Nothing.
nent* m tg pn Nothing.
nicert* neg rel sta Uncertain, indefinite. None.
nidy* abs ess sta Closed to the public; private.
nikarnivor* g zoo Someone who does not eat meat.
nipod* bio dis tg Order Gymnophiona (Apoda). Limbless caecilians.
nipt* (bio) dis tg Wingless animal. Particularly a species of a taxon that normally or commonly has wings, such as insects.
nirkum* chem m tg Argon. Chemical Elements
nisempr* sta Not always. None.
nisisk* pos act m itg Presence or increase in flow due to lack of or removal of an obstacle or blockage.
nistum* tg Astatine. Chemical Elements
niteq* g act Exposure, vulnerability.
nitot* Some but not all. Part
nizoatovor* zoo Someone who does not eat animal products; vegan. Animal

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