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abs inst tg
nbsp; Latin mūr(us)

Barrier, wall.
Instrument of hindrance.

Synonyms (move to note)

Bar, stile; turnstile, turnpike; gate, portcullis; beaver dam; wall, dead wall, breakwater, groin or groyne; bulkhead, block, buffer; boom, dam, weir.

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Details and Notes

Parts of an Abode

plar* Floor.
qabl* Roof.
kamer* Room.
mur* Wall.
fenestr* Window.

Use of the dative case with colors

Muros rubosit. The wall is red. (Literally "The wall has the color red.")

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
muror* gen act To build a barrier. Barrier

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