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abl rel subj ess sta
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Concept Negative Positive
Root min* Smallness meq* Greatness
Comparative tromin* tromeq*
Superlative momin* Minimum momeq* Maximum
Causation/Dation Decrease Increase


* Small in distance.
oliq* Small in number.
paw+ Small in quanitty.
min* Small in size.

busk* Bush (small tree).
pu*, puir*, puiß* Child (small human or animal).
liþ* Pebble (small stone).
papl* Pimple.
stom* Stoma (small biological opening).

petj* Piece.


Katos rominit xxxx bulivason. The cat is small enough to fit into the vase.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ewminix* bio dis tg Subfamily Leuciscinae: True minnow. Leuciscinae
kwimin* inter ess sta How small.
minif* subj neg rel cau tr To make small, shrink. Smallness
minix* ind dis tg Minnow. Littleness
minift* neg rel cau pa To become small (from/by). Smallness
minult* ext ess sta m itg Excess of smallness. Smallness
momin* neg sup Smallest (among), least (among). Smallness
romin* neg abs sta Small enough. Smallness
minj* comp neg ess sta Smaller (than), lesser (than). Smallness

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