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Synonyms (move to note)Intellection; reflection, cogitation, consideration, meditation, study, lucubration, speculation, deliberation, pondering; head work, brainwork; cerebration; mentation, deep reflection; close study.

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Thought synonyms

MATURE THOUGHT; afterthought, reconsideration, second thoughts; retrospection (memory); excogitation; examination (inquiry); invention (imagination)\n thoughtfulness &c. adj.\n ABSTRACTION, abstract thought, contemplation, musing; brown study (inattention); reverie or revery, depth of thought, workings of the mind, thoughts, inmost thoughts; self-counsel, self-communing, self-consultation.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
mentend* dat pa Idea. Object of thought. Idea
mentew* abe sta m itg Incogitancy.

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