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melq* tg
nbsp; IE *melk-/*melǵ-


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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
melqard* inst dis tg Milk jug, carton or bottle. Milk
melqardard* inst dis tg Milk crate. Milk
melqarj* abs sta Pertaining to milk; dairy. Milk
melqœd* fig rel sta Milky: resembling or having the consistency of milk. Milk
melqœdanj* spec loc dis tg Milky Way. Celestial Body
melqenqw* dis tg Mammary gland.
melqibj* bio dis tg Genus Lactuca. Lettuce plant. Lactuca
melqibjan* der dis tg Lettuce. Vegetables
melqemp* abl ac To (take) milk (from). Milk
melqor* gen act To lactate. Milk
melqorœk* fac dis tg Dairy.

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