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mbr* m itg
nbsp; Latin umbra
Shading, shadow, obstruction of light.

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Shade synonyms

SHADE; awning (cover) [See Covering]; parasol, sunshade, umbrella.\n SCREEN, curtain, chick [India], purdah [India], portière [F.]; shutter, blind, Venetian blind, jalousie [F.].\n gauze, veil, mantle, mask, yashmak [Turk.].\n cloud, mist; gathering of clouds; smoke screen [mil.].\n umbrage [archaic], glade; shadow [See Darkness]; ambush, covert.\n BLINKERS, blinders; smoked glasses, colored spectacles.

Shadow synonyms

Shade, umbra, penumbra.\n

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
mbridaq* dat inst dis tg Any device that provides shade.
mbrod* dat ag To shade.

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