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maliwil* neg rel m itg
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Malevolence, ill will.

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Malevolence synonyms

MALEVOLENCE, bad intent, bad intention, unkindness, diskindness [obs.]; ill-nature, ill-will, ill-blood, bad blood; enmity [See Enmity]; hate [See Hate]; malice, - prepense, - aforethought; malignance, malignancy, malignity; maliciousness &c. adj.; spite, despite; resentment [See Resentment].\n uncharitableness &c. adj.; incompassion [rare], incompassionateness [rare] [See Pity]a; gall, venom, rancor, rankling, virulence, mordacity, acerbity; churlishness (discourtesy) [See Discourtesy]; hardness of heart, heart of stone, obduracy; evil eye, cloven -foot, - hoof.\n ill turn, bad turn; affront (disrespect) [See Disrespect]; bigotry, intolerance, tender mercies [ironical]; “unkindest cut of all” [Julius Cæsar].\n CRUELTY, cruelness &c. adj.; brutality, savagery, ferity, ferocity; outrage, atrocity, ill-usage, persecution; barbarity, inhumanity, immanity [obs.], truculence, ruffianism; Inquisition, torture, vivisection.

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