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nbsp; IE *kū-ro-

Lord, master, boss.Does not imply deity, although the base will commonly be used to refer to deities.

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kyr* names

Cyrus, Kirk.


MASTER, padrone [It.], lord, - paramount; commander, commandant, captain, chief, chieftain; paterfamilias [Rom. law], patriarch; sahib [India], bara (or burra) sahib [India], sirdar, sheik; head, senior, governor, ruler, dictator; leader (director) [See Director]; boss, baas [Dutch]; cockarouse [obs.], sachem, sagamore, werowance.
POTENTATE; liege, - lord; suzerain, overlord, overking, sovereign, monarch, autocrat, despot, tyrant, oligarch.
crowned head, emperor, king, anointed king, majesty, imperator, protector, president, stadholder or stadtholder, judge.
cæsar, kaiser, czar or tsar, sultan, soldan [obs.], grand Turk, caliph, imam or imaum, shah, padishah, sophi, mogul, great mogul, khan, lama, pendragon, tycoon, mikado, inca, cazique; voivode or waywode, hospodar, landamman; sayid or sayyid, cacique, czarevitch, grand seignior.
prince, duke (nobility) [See Nobility]; archduke, doge, elector; seignior; landgrave, margrave; maharajah, rajah, emir, nizam, nawab (Indian ruling chiefs) [See Nobility].
empress, queen, sultana, czarina or tsarina, princess, infanta, duchess, margravine; czarevna or tsarevna, czarina; maharani, rani [both Hindu], begum [Moham.]; rectoress or rectress, rectrix.
REGENT, viceroy, exarch, palatine, khedive, beglerbeg or beglerbey, three-tailed bashaw, pasha or bashaw, bey or beg, dey, shereef or sherif, tetrarch, satrap, mandarin, nabob, burgrave; laird (proprietor) [See Possessor]; commissioner, deputy commissioner, collector, woon or wun [Burmese].

Civil Authorities

Mayor, mayoralty; maire [F.], prefect, chancellor, archon [Gr.], provost, magistrate, syndic; alcalde [Sp.], alcaide or alcaid; burgomaster, corregidor [Sp.], seneschal, alderman, warden, constable, portreeve; lord mayor; officer (executive) [See Jurisdiction]; diwan or dewan [India]; hakim; fonctionnaire [F.].

Military Authorities

Marshal, field marshal, maréchal [F.], generalissimo; commander-in-chief, seraskier [Turk.], hetman [Cossack]; general, brigadier general, brigadier, lieutenant general, major general, colonel, lieutenant colonel, major, captain, ressaldar or risaldar [India], subahdar or subadar [India]; centurion, lieutenant, jemadar [India], sublieutenant, officer, staff officer, aide-de-camp, brigade major, adjutant, ensign, cornet, cadet, subaltern; non-commissioned officer; sergeant, -major; color sergeant; top-sergeant [U. S.], havildar [India]; corporal, -major; lance corporal, acting corporal; naik [India]; drum major; captain general, knight marshal.

Naval Authorities

Admiral, admiralty; rear-, vice-, port- admiral; commodore, captain, commander, lieutenant; skipper, master, mate, navarch [Gr. antiq.].

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
kyrir* masc Cyrus, Cyril.
kyrodj* spec ev "Day of the lord," Sunday.
mekyr* "My lord." Used as a polite or respectful greeting.

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