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kwj* rel ess sta m itg
nbsp; IE *kʷeyH-

Synonyms (move to note)Quiet. Stagnation, vegetation, loafing, loaf; rest (repose) [See Repose]; quiescence [See Quiescence]; want of occupation, unemployment, inoccupation; idle hours, idle hands, time hanging on one’s hands, dolce far niente [It.]; shore duty; interregnum; sinecure; soft snap, soft thing, cinch [all three slang]. _

Inaction [See Inaction]; inertness [See Inertness]; obstinacy [See Obstinacy]. lull (cessation) [See Cessation]; quiescence [See Quiescence]; rust, rustiness.

Drowsiness, inattentiveness, negligence, oscitance.

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