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kwekl* geom
nbsp; IE *kʷékʷlo-

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Ring, areola, hoop, roundlet, annulus, annulet, bracelet, armlet; ringlet; eye, loop, wheel; cycle, orb, orbit, rundle, zone, belt, cordon, band; contrate -, crown- wheel; hub, nave; sash, girdle, cestus, cest or ceste, cincture, baldric, fillet, fascia, wreath, garland; crown, corona, coronet, chaplet, snood, necklace, collar; noose, lasso.

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Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
dwikweklaq* inst dis tg Two-wheeled vehicle: bicycle, bike.
kweklaq* inst Any instrument or vehicle on wheels.
kweklœd* geom dis Ellipse. Ellipse
kweklœdœd* geom dis Ellipsoid. Ellipse
unikweklaq* dis tg Unicycle.

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