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inter pn
nbsp; IE *kwo-

Interrogative pronominal base.
Used to form interrogative pronouns from suffixes. If modifying a relative base, denotes "how" ("how good", "how high", etc.)

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
kwanj* inter loc Where.
kwekt* inter pn dis tg What (thing).
kwiß* inter fem Who (feminine).
kwent* inter tg pn What (substance).
kwi* inter pn sta itg What (state).
kwibonos* inter ess sta How good.
kwimin* inter ess sta How small.
kwioliq* inter ind num How few.
kwipaw+ inter neg sta How few, how little.
kwiple+ inter pos How much, how many.
kwiplur* inter num How many.
kwir* masc inter pn Who (masculine).
kwiþer* Whether.
kwid* inter chrom pn What (color).
kwur* inter pn act m itg What (action).

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