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kro* abs ess sta
nbsp; Greek khros

Having a color, colored.

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Coloration and Discoloration

krom* Color, coloration.

kro*, kromos* Colored.
kroif*, kromod* To color.
kroiv*, kromend* To become colored.

blank* Uncolored, discolored, blank.
blanki*, kromew* Uncoloration, discoloration.
blankif*, kromemp* To discolor, blank.
blankiv*, kromolv* To become discolored.

alb* Unsaturated, pale, shallow in color.
satur* Saturated, deep in color.

bert* Light-colored.
mawr* Dark-colored.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
kroif* abs cau ac To color. Color
kroift* abs cau pa To become colored. Color
multikro* ind abs ess sta Multicolored, pleochroic.

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