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kre* abs act m itg
nbsp; IE *ker-

Genesis, creation.

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Genesis BRINGING FORTH &c. v.; parturition, birth, birth throe, childbirth, delivery, confinement, accouchement [F.], travail, labor, midwifery, obstetrics; geniture [obs.]; gestation (maturation) [See Preparation]; assimilation; evolution, development, growth; entelechy; fertilization, gemination, germination, heterogamy, genesis, generation, histogenesis, breeding, begetting, isogamy, epigenesis, procreation, progeneration, propagation; fecundation, impregnation; albumen [See Organization].
spontaneous generation; archigenesis, archebiosis, abiogenesis, biogenesis, biogeny, dysmerogenesis, eumerogenesis, heterogenesis, oögenesis, merogenesis, metogenesis, monogenesis, parthenogenesis, homogenesis, xenogenesis. 1
dissogeny, digenesis, physiogeny, phylogeny, ontogeny, ontogenesis, mitosis, xenogeny; theogony, tocogony, tocology, vacuolation, vacuolization.

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Details and Notes

Creation and Production

kre* Genesis, creation.
mek* Mechanical production.
gen* Organic production, procreation, reproduction.
blos* Natural development, growth.
pw* Literary or artistic composition.
abib* Production of external structures; flowering, blossoming.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
kreæt* abs act dis itg Instance of creation.
krem* abs res dis tg Creation, creature.
kreod* abs dat ac To create, develop, author, make. Genesis
kreend* abs dat pa (v) Created.
(n) Creation, creature.

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