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krat* act m itg
nbsp; IE *kar- > *kŗt-es- > Greek kratos

Authority, rule, government.

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Details and Notes

-ark versus krat*

English uses the elements -crat, -cratic and -cracy to form words pertaining to forms of government. Their Hilinqwo equivalents should use -ark* instead of krat*. The latter element stands alone, and the rules of combining bases applies to it.

Consider monark* "rule of/by an individual" versus monikrat* "single/isolated rule".


krat* Action base.

kratoq* Executive of authority: Governor, ruler, king.

kratod* Dative agent: To grant authority (to).
kratend* Dative patient To receive authority (from).

kratew* Abessive of having.
kratemp* Ablative agent: To take authority (from).
kratolv* Ablative patient: To lose authority (to, by).

krattr* Jurisdiction (domain of authority).

Indicators of Authority

kratajat* General base.

Certificate (paper).
Crest, shield, badge.
koron* Crown, tiara.
fask* Fasces.
Flag, banner.
Mantle, robe, toga.
* Scepter, rod, wand, staff, baton.
Seal, signet.
amulet* Talisman.
Throne (seat).

Social Terms

krat* Authority, government, rule.
kulp* Blame, fault, guilt.
bel* Conflict, war.
tarif* Fee.
qowr* Fear.
jur* Law.
popl* People.
pot* Power.
reg* Ruler.
fort* Strength.
tewt* Tribe.
siq* Victory.

kapar* Village.

Possessive and Monetary Relations

Possessive Relations
Monetary Relations

monet* Money.
tarif* Price.
teler* Tax, toll, dues.
pekw* Wealth.

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