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gen rel act m itg
nbsp; Gaulish *comboros

Generation of difficulty.

Synonyms (move to note)

Impedance; interference, interposition; obtrusion; discouragement, discountenance; disapproval, disapprobation, opposition.

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kombr* Hindrance.

kombroq* Executive: To use/wield hindrance.
kombror* Generative: To produce hindrance.

kombros* Essive of having.
kombrod* Dative agent: To hinder.
kombrend* Dative patient: To be hindered (by/from).

kombrew* Abessive.
kombremp* Ablative agent: To take hindrance (from).
kombrolv* Ablative patient: To lose hindrance (to/by).

kombraq* Means.
kombrm* Result.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
frakombr* m itg Prevention. Complete hindrance. Prevention
kombrod* dat tr To encumber, impede.

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