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klew* rel ess sta m itg
nbsp; IE *ḱlew-

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Purity; cleaning &c. v.; purification, defecation &c. v.; purgation, lustration; abstersion [rare], detersion; aspersion, asperges [R. C. Ch.]; epuration [rare], mundation [obs.], ablution, lavation, colature [obs.]; disinfection &c. v.; drainage, sewerage.

Lat. cloāca, Gk. κλύδων (kludōn), Gaul. Cluad, Eng. hlūttor/, Lith. šluoti, Ltv. slaumi, Russ. слеза (sleza), Welsh clir, Gm. hlūttar/lauter, Goth. hlūtrs, ON hlér, OCS сльза (slĭza)

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Essive klew* Cleanness. Absence of impurity. tamen* Uncleanness. Presence of impurity. Immundity, immundicity, mucidness.
Dative agent klewod* tamenod*
Dative patient klewend* tamenend*
Generative klewor* tamenor* Defilement. Contamination, pollution, impurity; defœdation [obs.]; soilure, soiliness [obs.]; taint.
Abessive klewew* tamenew*
Ablative agent klewemp* tamenemp*
Ablative patient klewolv* tamenolv*


qrim* Dirt Unclean remainder.
faek* Dregs Unclean remainder after consumption.
* Latrine Private receptacle for uncleanness.
lut* Mud Unclean soil.
Sewer Public receptacle for uncleanness.
slup* Slovenry Habitual or persistent uncleanness.
* Sty Unclean abode or chamber.
putr* Decay Decomposition of organic material.
kopr* Dung Excrement of animals.
pork* Pig (fig.)
py* Pus
* Rubbish
* Scum Essive of unimportance and uncleanness.
fum* Smoke Volume of air and/or gasses populated with particles or chaff.
ur* Urine Product of urination.
konop* Vermin Unclean animal.
em* Vomit Result of emesis.

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