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kefalard* dis tg
nbsp; kefal* + -ard*
Headdress.Clothing for the head.

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Headgear, coiffure [F.], headcloths, chignon [F.]; chapeau [F.], crush hat, opera hat; kaffiyeh [Ar.]; taj, tam-o’-shanter, topee or topi [India], sola topi [India], puggree or pagri [Hind.]; sombrero, sundown [U. S.], cap, hat, beaver, castor, bonnet, tile [slang], wide-awake, panama, leg-horn; derby [U. S.], bowler [Eng.], billycock [Eng.]; wimple; nightcap, skull-cap; mobcap, boudoir cap, Dutch cap; hood, coif, capote, calash, kerchief, snood; crown (circle) [See Circularity]; pelt, wig, front, peruke, periwig; caftan, turban, fez, tarboosh, shako, busby; kepi, forage cap, campaign hat, overseas cap, bearskin; helmet [See Defense]; mask, domino.

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